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13 Facts That Prove Marie Antoinette Remains An Extremely Controversial Figure

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Marie Antoinette, the ill-fated queen of France, is remembered for two things: losing her head and uttering the callous phrase, “Let them eat cake.” Though it is indeed true she was the last queen in the history of France, there was a lot more to this tragic queen. Surprising facts about Marie Antoinette actually reveal her to be a woman of character, intelligence, and strength.

Born in Austria in 1755, Marie Antoinette began life far from the mirrored halls of Versailles. Becoming queen of France would afford her extravagances and great wealth; but it would also bring her boredom, loneliness, and terror. Though it’s true she loved fashion, cards, and sweets, she also had a hard time adjusting to life at the French court and was often accused of being an outsider. She wasn’t just a queen: she was also a daughter, a mother, and a sister. Behind the legend of the doomed queen of France and the trappings of the French monarchy, Marie Antoinette was a real woman who lived, loved, and died in one of the most chaotic moments in modern history.

Even before and since her execution during the French Revolution, people around the world have imagined her in specific ways - especially in recent films. Some representations were cruel, while others were highly romanticized. The real Marie Antoinette existed somewhere between those extremes.

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