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The Most Surprising Guinness World Records Set By Gamers

November 10, 2020 230 votes 37 voters 2.3k views15 items

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While casual gamers play to earn achievements and trophies on their consoles, a select group set their sights on bigger goals: gaming world records. Those feats aren't as easy as turning on a console or PC. Attempting to break gamer Guinness World Records can take months or even years. Being able to snag a rare world record will give any gamer a great deal of satisfaction.

When it comes to world records, these are the most surprising ones owned by gamers. While records are meant to be broken, these might stick around in the Guinness Gamer's Edition for a long time. Vote for the video game records that impressed you the most.

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    Fastest Blindfolded Completion Of 'Super Mario World'

    Photo: Nintendo

    While many people have beat Super Mario World in record time, it takes a different class of gamer to attempt to do it blindfolded.

    In 2017, a gamer known as katun24 earned the world record for beating the game blindfolded in 13 minutes, 31 seconds, dethroning the previous record holder, PangaeaPanga, by more than two minutes.

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    Biggest Video Game Collection

    Photo: The Last of Us Part II / Sony Interactive Entertainment

    Many people try to accumulate a massive video game collection. No matter how hard they try, they'll probably never top Antonio Monteiro. In 2019, the Texan broke the world record for the biggest video game collection with 20,139 games.

    The gamer owns the full North American game collection for consoles such as the Atari Jaguar, PlayStation 3, and Wii U. The entire collection took eight days to count.

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    Longest Video Game Marathon On A Dance Game

    Photo: Just Dance 2021 / Ubisoft

    Sometimes, you just want to drop everything and dance. Carrie Swidecki did that and let the entire world watch during the process on Twitch. In 2015, Swidecki broke the world record for the longest video game marathon on a dance game with a 138-hour, 34-second session playing Just Dance.

    During the stream, the teacher raised money for the charity event ExtraLife4Kids. This also gives Swidecki the world record for the longest video game marathon in general.

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    Youngest Professional Video Gamer

    Photo: Halo: The Master Chief Collection / Xbox Game Studios

    Born in 1998, Viktor "Lil Poison" De Leon III competed in their first video game tournament with Halo at the age of 4. In 2005, the gamer signed with Major League Games at just 7.

    With this signing, Lil Poison broke and set the world record for the youngest professional gamer. Now, Lil Poison is cruising without a team and enjoying time streaming on Twitch.

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