Songs Songs You Never Realized Are About Sex  

Matt Manser
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We've all been there. You're singing along to a favorite song, and suddenly it hits you... this song is about something more visceral than you thought. This is music about sex. While you may feel betrayed that your favorite artist has songs you never realized are about sex, it makes sense that artist have to be discreet. In order to get songs about doin' the dirty past squeamish parents and onto the radio, musicians have to rely on innuendo and subtle cues in their lyrics. 

Music about physical intimacy are by no means unheard of. In fact, some song lyrics involve the singer straight-up begging to get laid, and other songs are low key about taking care of business on your own. And some, as the following songs demonstrate, are about getting busy with that special someone, even if you didn't know it the first few listens.

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'Glad You Came' By The Wanted

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With this song, you may have thought "I'm glad you came" simply meant that the singer is happy that his significant other showed up to his show. However, the band has confirmed that the dirtier interpretation of the song is accurate.

In an interview with a radio show, host Elvis Duran bluntly asked the band, "Is this really a song about [climaxing]?" In response, the band stated, "Yes." They then tried to say that it could really be about going to a party, but the real answer is already out there.

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As it turns out, "Sledgehammer" is not about the physical tool. The song's lyrics are filled with phallic innuendos. At different points in the song, Gabriel refers to the male member as a "steam train," "aeroplane, "big dipper, "bumper car," and the titular "Sledgehammer." He also encourages the listener to: 

Open up your fruit cage
Where the fruit is as sweet as can be.

In retrospect, it's hard to believe anyone missed the meaning, but a lot of us did.

Artist: Peter Gabriel

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There's a French expression, "le petit mort," which translates as "the little death." The phrase is often used as a euphemism for climax. That euphemism is lightly touched on with the title of "(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight."

Songwriter Nick Van Eede explained that he and an ex-girlfriend "got back together for one night after a year apart and I guess there were some fireworks but all the time tinged with a feeling of 'should I really be doing this?'" The title plays on both the idea of the "small death," along with the end of a relationship. 

Artist: Cutting Crew

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'Cake By The Ocean' By DNCE

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"Cake By The Ocean" sounds like something whimsical you might partake in on a date or a delicious beachside treat after a hot day of frolicking in the waves. But Joe Jonas of DNCE explained the true meaning to MTV News. 

"Working on the record, these Swedish producers that we were working with, they kept confusing 'sex on the beach' with 'cake by the ocean,'" Jonas said. The band decided that mixing up the terms wasn't such a bad idea, and a hit song was born.

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