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All Of The Outrageous And Surprising Things Queen Elizabeth II Owns

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The longest reigning queen in history, Elizabeth II, is both a regal and somewhat quirky royal. Her personal collection of items and property is no different. Perhaps you've heard of royal jewels, but what other odds and ends does Queen Elizabeth II own? Her possessions include some surprising things, like a fast-food restaurant and every dolphin just off the UK coast. 

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    A McDonald's

    Queen Elizabeth even owns a McDonald's location. Open to the public and located far outside London, the restaurant is furnished with leather couches and table service, "fit for a queen."

    This property is different from some of the other Crown Estate items because the royal family does not profit from it. 

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    A Big Mouth Billy Bass

    Reportedly, according to someone close to the royal family, Queen Elizabeth thought this motion-sensored singing fish, an extremely popular gag gift when it first came out in 2000, was hilarious.

    Now, Elizabeth keeps one on the piano at Balmoral Castle.

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    All The Dolphins In The UK

    Whales, sturgeons, and porpoises are categorized in the UK as "royal fish."

    If any of these royal fish are caught within 3 miles of England's shoreline, they belong to Queen Elizabeth II. 

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    A Bat Colony

    Because Elizabeth II owns Balmoral Castle, she owns everything inside it as well. Thus, by association, she takes ownership of the bat colony that has apparently lived for many years in the rafters of the ballroom.

    The queen allegedly enjoys watching the bats be chased and released outside by her staff. Staff aren't allowed to remove the pipistrelle bats because they are protected in England.