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20 Everyday Things That Could Be Giving You Cancer

Updated June 3, 2019 16.1k views20 items

It's one of the world's most mysterious diseases, but what causes cancer? A wide variety of factors can cause the body to produce the abnormal cells that become cancerous tumors. Some of the most notable cancer causers are tobacco use, alcohol use, and obesity. However, there are also many surprising, everyday foods, activities, and other things that could contribute to a person contracting a form of cancer.

Do you snore? Can you simply not get through a movie night at home without a bag of microwave popcorn? Unfortunately, studies have shown that both of these things might be causes of cancer. There are many different types of cancer, including cervical cancer, lung cancer, and many others, and their causes are varied. But learning about the common activities on this list can help you figure out how to prevent cancer.

Cancer can be scary, but living a healthy lifestyle and speaking with your doctor can help. And, it won't hurt to steer clear of these possible cancer risks that you might encounter in your day to day life.