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12 Very Weird Times The Villains Subbed In For Superheroes

Updated May 20, 2019 115k views12 items
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In the ever-changing drama of comics, there are stories where supervillains have taken over for superheroes. It's not always the cut-and-dried good versus evil format we've come to accept from so much superhero media, however. Some of these villains legitimately want to do good, not just mess up a superhero's reputation. Even the most tyrannical despots can become champions of virtue, often times seeking redemption from their criminal ways... well, at least temporarily. 

Occasionally, there are villains who subbed for heroes that died or were incapacitated. Other times, there were superheroes and supervillains who switched places. Motivations vary. Some villains have a change of heart, others see an opportunity for redemption, and some villains are just trying to beat heroes at their own game. Check out this list of confirmed villains that shockingly tried to act as heroes.