12 Surprising Things That Can Improve Your Sex Life  

Abby Heugel
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Let's talk about sex, baby. Maybe things are going great for you and you consider yourself to be a god or goddess in the bedroom, at which point congratulations are in order. But if you're someone who feels like things could be better, you're not alone. 

According to a study by BMJ, 15% of men and 34.2% of women reported lacking interest in sex. This can cause a lot of problems in a relationship. But have no fear, as most of the time it literally has nothing to do with you or your partner's attractiveness. Sometimes it's just life getting in the way and the problem can be solved by taking a look at what's going down (or who isn't going down, in this case,) and making a few adjustments.

It's can be as simple as turning on the TV to get yourself turned on again. You can thank us later. 

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No doctor will encourage you to bake out in the sun given the whole skin cancer risk, but they have found that exposing yourself to smaller amounts of sunlight does increase your sexual desire.

A group of scientists from the University of Siena in Italy found that regular use of a light box led to increased testosterone levels and greater reported levels of sexual satisfaction. This could be for a couple of reasons. First of all, sunlight increases serotonin, which is associated with boosting up your mood. Secondly, sunlight increases vitamin D, which has been shown to increase testosterone. 

Limiting Alcohol
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While popular mythology credits alcohol as the key to feeling sexy —or at least thinking other people look sexy— it actually has the opposite effect. Alcohol is a depressant, which means that while you might think that tequila shot makes you Don Juan, in reality you're on your way to dampening your mood and encouraging erectile dysfunction

According to the Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 72% of people who identify as men with alcohol dependence experienced sexual dysfunction, with heavier drinking greatly increasing the risk. 

Horror Movies
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The best date night entertainment if you're looking to get lucky is a horror movie — or anything scary. 

According to Inverse, the physiological responses our bodies experience in relation to strong emotions are actually quite similar. That means that feeling scared can be confused with feeling aroused or attracted to someone nearby. 

If horror flicks aren't your thing, the Telegraph also reported that loud noises — like a revved up car engine — can have an arousing effect on an individual's physiology. Basically anything that gets your adrenaline up — skydiving, amusement park rides, etc. — and gets your blood flowing, can help you back in the sack. 

Eating Fish
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There are a lot of aphrodisiac foods out there such as oysters, dark chocolate, and even the genitals of certain animals. While not everyone wants to see goat testicles on the menu, putting fish on your plate can have a positive affect on your libido. 

A study at Harvard University found that couples who ate fish twice a week or more had sex 22% more frequently than those who didn't. If you're trying to have a baby, they found that 92% of couples who ate fish twice a week or more became pregnant, compared with 79% of the couples who ate fish less often.