Surprisingly Accurate Details That Major Movies Somehow Got Right

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Movies are typically all about entertainment, and sometimes, that requires a little creative license with the facts. The phrase "Suspension of disbelief" is often thrown around for everything from children's movies and combat films to dramas and horror/suspense. It's difficult to tell a compelling story if the nature of a plot or significant element wouldn't work in the real world, so for this reason, movies don't usually get a lot of small details exactly right.

Of course, then there are those films that go forth and shoot for as much accuracy as possible. The movies that do this work best when the surprisingly accurate scientific and historical details appearing on-screen happen in such a way that the audience never notices. People tend to notice when something's wrong before identifying anything correct, so the best movies that get their details done right leave the audience never noticing.

That is, of course, unless you're one of the many people who see something and post it to the Movie Details subreddit. Whenever this happens, something particularly amazing about a film's production comes to light, and this list highlights the very best examples of surprisingly accurate details that major movies somehow got right.

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    The Nazi Uniforms In 'The Last Crusade' Are 100% Legit

    From Redditor u/Numerous-Lemon:

    In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), the Nazi outfits are genuine World War 2 uniforms, not costumes. They were found in Eastern Europe by Co-Costume Designer Joanna Johnston.

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    Dug Tracks Down The Bird In 'Up' Because He's The Only Hunting Dog In The Pack

    From Redditor u/JohnnyCharles:

    In Up (2009), Dug is the only dog to successfully track down the Tropical Bird because he is the only Hunting Dog (Golden Retriever). All the others are Guard Dog breeds.

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    Anastasia's Drawing In 'Anastasia' Is Historically Accurate 

    From Redditor u/Numerous-Lemon:

    In Anastasia (1997), the drawing that Anastasia gives to her grandmother is based on a 1914 painting created by the real princess Anastasia.

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    The Reason Gill Wants To Escape So Badly In 'Finding Nemo' Is Due To His Species

    From Redditor u/goingtodeletedis:

    In Finding Nemo (2003), Gill is a Moorish Idol. This species is known to not handle captivity well, so him being the one who constantly comes up with escape plans makes sense.

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    The Omaha Beach Scene In 'Saving Private Ryan' Was So Accurate, It Traumatized Some Veterans

    From Redditor u/RobotJohnson:

    The Omaha Beach scene from Saving Private Ryan (1998) was depicted with so much accuracy to the actual event that the Department of Veteran Affairs set up a telephone hotline for traumatized veterans to cope.

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    The Black Hole In 'Interstellar' Is The Most Accurate Depiction To Date

    From Redditor u/Jaz1140:

    In Interstellar (2014), the black hole was so scientifically accurate it took approx 100 hours to render each frame in the physics and VFX engine. Meaning every second you see took approx 100 days to render the final copy.