Cities We Were Surprised People Were Disappointed In When They Visited

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The world is full of fascinating places to visit and explore. However, those places can be endlessly disappointing to some people. Sure, there may be an inevitable let down if you have built a place up in your mind for so long before you visit the actual location. But it seems the big cities of the world just can't please some people, no matter how unique, historic, or interesting they may be.

Every place on Earth probably has something to complain about if you look hard enough. But why look? Maybe that's part of the experience for a certain type of traveler. These are some of the cities that we couldn't believe people were disappointed in when they visited.

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    From Redditor u/kjthehague:

    I moved to Wuhan in 2011 because I saw this beautiful university with a pristine lake. Turns out that the lake was really a trash dump, and the whole city was constantly under a veil of smog and construction. Can't say things have gotten better for old Wuhan in the last few years.

    • Located In: Hubei, China
    • Area (km sq): 8494.41
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  • From Redditor u/Mondo114:

    Hollywood. And I am embarrassed for people who travel around the world to see it. What they imagine it to be vs reality. Sorry, it's not what you expected.

    And Redditor u/ScienceMomCO:

    I grew up in the LA suburbs and even I was disappointed with Hollywood when I visited it for the first time. There are so many other cool places to visit in Southern California; just skip Hollywood.

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  • Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
    Photo: Tim Emerich / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain

    From Redditor u/User_492006:

    Atlantic City. It's waayyy dirtier and run down than I thought it'd be.

    And Redditor u/flowerpotss:

    As someone who grew up in Jersey, I forgot that people don’t realize Atlantic City is just a few streets and a boardwalk.

    • Located In: New Jersey, USA
    • Area (km sq): 45.07
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  • From Redditor u/wric84:

    Came here to say Dubai. Decided to spend 10 days there while passing through. Had enough of it after 24 hours. Too many f$#&!&# malls. No culture.

    And Redditor u/mal1k7:

    Glad to see that folks here despise it. I lived and grew up there before being accepted by Canada. Never going back there. That country was built on the blood and souls of cheap labour from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh.

    • Located In: United Arab Emirates
    • Area (km sq): 4114.0
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  • Roswell, New Mexico, USA
    Photo: FritsAir / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 3.0

    From Redditor u/manny130:

    Roswell, New Mexico. Nobody in town recognizes that everyone outside of the town thinks of UFOs. It's just an absolute s**t town without s**t to do, and there isn't s**t for hours outside of town in any direction.

    • Located In: New Mexico, USA
    • Area (km sq): 75.11
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  • From Redditor u/FarmerSenior9051:

    Jackson, Mississippi. Everyone thinks it's bad but it's really really bad.

    • Located In: Mississippi, USA
    • Area (km sq): 276.61
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