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17 Horrifically Violent Anime Scenes That Came Out Of Nowhere

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CAUTION: This list may contain GRAPHIC CONTENT and anime spoilers. 

You're excitedly watching a new anime series, which has a great story and an adorable cast of characters. Then, suddenly, blood explodes all over your screen, and you're left in shock as a character is offed right before your eyes. You're left screaming, "No way! Did that just happen?" Sorry for your loss. It's always hard when you watch a well-loved or favorite anime character encounter a horrifying and unexpected slaying. 

The majority of disturbing scenes are found in horror and gore anime, which prepares a viewer for the rain of blood. Still, this doesn't mean that surprisingly violent anime scenes can't be found in other genres. There are various anime that will make you nauseated from the unexpected guts and gore, even in the slice of life and school drama genres. In fact, many series have anime violence you didn't expect to see - even the cute Mahou Shoujo (magical girl) type! 

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