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Surprisingly Wholesome Moments From 'The Haunting of Hill House'

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The Haunting of Hill House, released on Netflix in 2018, is infamous for its creepy atmosphere and spine-tingling scares. But despite the show's macabre tone, there are still some Haunting of Hill House moments that can warm even the coldest, darkest heart.

Here are the most heartwarmingly wholesome moments from The Haunting of Hill House.

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    Luke Tells Steve He's Awake Because Nell Is Awake

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    Luke and Nell are the youngest kids in the Crain clan, and as twins, they share a special bond. One of the most adorable demonstrations of this bond comes in the first few minutes of the show.

    When Steve hears Nell crying in the night, goes to check on his younger siblings. He asks Luke why he's awake, too, to which Luke simply replies, "'Cause Nellie's awake."

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    The Crain Family Celebrates Luke's Sobriety

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    The show's finale is filled with misty-eyed moments, and one of the most touching comes in the final montage. One shot shows the Crains and their partners surrounding a smiling Luke. Before him is a red cake topped with a golden "2," indicating he has been sober for two years. 

    After watching Luke's ongoing struggle with addiction, this moment really takes the cake - pun intended - by showing just how far the family has come since their final harrowing night in Hill House.

    Some fans do doubt the authenticity of this scene, though: Since the color red was used throughout the series as a subtle sign that the characters were in the red room, some viewers were suspicious of the red icing on Luke's cake. If true, this twist would certainly put a damper on the story, which is why many fans choose to believe the celebration is happening in the real world.

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    Mr. Dudley Brings His Dying Wife Into Hill House So She Can Reunite With Their Children

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    The Dudleys, Hill House's caretakers, are an unknown quantity throughout much of the show. Not until the final few episodes do we discover that they only remained near Hill House because their daughter's spirit is trapped there, as is their other daughter, Abigail's once Olivia Crain poisons her in the red room. 

    When Clara Dudley's time has come, her aged husband, Horace, carries her weakened body into Hill House, where he lays her down and gives her a final kiss. When he looks up, he sees her spirit standing with their two children, happy and together, and he cries joyful tears.

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    Theo Throws Her Brussels Sprouts Over Her Shoulder

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    At family dinner with Shirley, Kevin, and their kids, Theo entertains her niece, Allie, by pretending to eat some brussels sprouts, only to fling them over her shoulder with her fork. This charming moment shows Theo's warmer side, contrasted with her characteristic gloves and typical standoffishness.