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Surprisingly Wholesome Moments From 'The Haunting of Hill House'

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The Haunting of Hill House, released on Netflix in 2018, is infamous for its creepy atmosphere and spine-tingling scares. But despite the show's macabre tone, there are still some Haunting of Hill House moments that can warm even the coldest, darkest heart.

Here are the most heartwarmingly wholesome moments from The Haunting of Hill House.

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    Arthur Asks Nell Out For Coffee

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    Nell and Arthur's meet-cute is straight out of a romantic comedy, which may be why their ultimate fate is so tragic. When Arthur, a sleep technologist, asks Nell if she drinks coffee, she says yes and asks if he's asking her out. He isn't, at least, not yet.

    He says he needed the information for the health history segment on her patient file, but then reveals he was going to wait until after their visit to ask her out. She agrees, and the rest is history, albeit a tragic one.

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    Luke And Nell Share Twin Telepathy

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    Luke and Nell's bond is one of the highlights of the show, and never is it more touching than when they're children. When the two are playing in Hill House and a troublesome spirit interferes with their game, Nell can tell that Luke is scared, though he denies it. When he asks how she knows, she simply replies, "Because I'm scared," showing just how close the twins really are.

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    Allie Gets Gloves To Look Like Her Aunt Theo

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    Shirley and Kevin's daughter, Allie, is enamored with her Aunt Theo's gloves, even though she doesn't know what they're truly for. In one heartwarming moment at the dinner table, Shirley tells Theo that Allie practically begged her for the gloves, which Allie vehemently denies.

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    Mr. Dudley Brings His Dying Wife Into Hill House So She Can Reunite With Their Children

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    The Dudleys, Hill House's caretakers, are an unknown quantity throughout much of the show. Not until the final few episodes do we discover that they only remained near Hill House because their daughter's spirit is trapped there, as is their other daughter, Abigail's once Olivia Crain poisons her in the red room. 

    When Clara Dudley's time has come, her aged husband, Horace, carries her weakened body into Hill House, where he lays her down and gives her a final kiss. When he looks up, he sees her spirit standing with their two children, happy and together, and he cries joyful tears.