Celebrity Women Who Are Way Younger Than You Think

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There are super tall popular celebrities, there are super short popular celebrities, and then there are the entertainers who have been popular for so long that they seem like industry veterans. While it's true that some of them have mature and well-rounded careers, many stars and starlets are still quite young. Some of the female a-listers come across as immeasurably wise, some take on roles that age them by a few years but underneath the makeup, glitz, and glam they've barely made it through their 30s.

It's a bit unsettling to know that a starlet who can't even legally drink has a larger bank account than you but you can't begrudge 20-year-old Lorde her success. Similarly, 26-year-old Jennifer Lawrence continues to outdo herself. Every role she takes on is pretty exemplary so she deserves all of her millions. 

Keep reading to find out which of your fave stars are way younger than you thought.