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Jeff Probst's Most Ridiculous Innuendos on Survivor

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List RulesVote up the most blatantly sexual double entendres Jeff Probst has made during Survivor competition.

Jeff Probst has been the host of Survivor for 33 seasons (!!!), and in that time... let's just say he's said a few things that'll make your eyebrows raise. Whether Probst intentionally makes sex jokes on Survivor is up for debate, but the man tosses innuendos like salad, enough to make you believe he derives please from his ridiculous one liners. Let's not beat around the bush or be soft about it: the hard, wet truth is, there are a lot of sex jokes on Survivor.

To be fair to Probst, Survivor can be a dirty, raunchy game. Contestants have eaten cow balls, fought in mud, and balance balls on a stick. So it could be Probst is simply narrating the proceedings, but that seems highly unlikely. Here are the 27 most blatant, sexual Jeff Probst Survivor double entendre. Vote up the Jeff Probst Survivor innuendo you think are dirtiest.  

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