The Worst Villains in Survivor History

In every Survivor series there are heroes and villains - this list looks at the survivor cast and recognizes the worst survivor villains of all-time from Russell Hantz to Rob Cesternino. Reality TV is awesome because we get to see people be bitchy and evil to each other. Let's face it, we love to see people be cruel to one an other and even if it pisses us off we still keep watching because it is entertaining. It seems that reality TV producers search high and wide for the weakest and bitchiest contestants. Haven't you noticed that almost always half of the contestants are cry babies and the other half are rotten?

  • Russell Hantz of Survivor: Samoa
    Video: YouTube
    Russell made frenemies early in the game and only went downhill from there. Everything he said from moment one was sure to blow up in his face. Thanks to Russell for the ever suspenseful foreshadowing the public humiliation that awaited you.
  • Johnny Fairplay Survivor: Pearl Islands
    Video: YouTube
    Johnny Fairplay lied about his grandmother's death to win an award. He was a very BIG game player. He even said himself that while he was out there he could only think about the game and his next strategy. But you have to give him props for staying in character and on top of that he made them feel bad for him. He will forever be known for lying about this. How sad.
  • Corrine Kaplan of Survivor: Gabon
    Video: YouTube
    ATTENTION seemed to be written on her forehead. She wanted publicity even if it was bad publicity. Well how does it feel to have videos e-mailed daily to parts all over the world with you being a complete bitch on them? Tell me, how does it feel?
  • Coach Ben Wade Survivor: Tocantins
    Video: YouTube

    Coach Ben Wade Survivor: Tocantins

    He should change his name to LIAR. He was so full of crap that toilet paper rolled out of his ears. Blah, Blah, Blah about himself everytime that the camera just swooped by his face. He took lying to a whole new level by saying that he was the only person in the US to be taught a ridiculous name of chinese martial arts, that he is a direct decendant of Pocahontas, and that he met Tom Hanks and was the inspiration to the movie Cast Away. Bull s**t!
  • Rob Cesternino Survivor: All-Stars
    Video: YouTube
    The biggest talker. He talked about everybody behind thier backs. Just watch the video. It speaks for itself.