terrorism Survivor Of Two Terrorist Attacks Has A Powerful Message For His Attackers  

Rebecca High

It's an unbelievable stroke of misfortune that one man would be an on-site victim of not just one terrorist attack, but two. It's even more unbelievable to live to tell the tale. Mason Wells is possibly the only person alive to hold such a tragic record, and he tells a powerful story in this video.

Now in his early twenties, Mason was just a young teen in 2013 when he stood 60 meters from the finish line at the Boston Marathon to watch his mom compete. When the bombs went off, he escaped and survived the attack without physical injury. But it was only three years later when he was in the wrong place at the wrong time yet again, and this time he wasn't so "lucky."

As Mason stood in the Brussels airport in 2016 during a missionary trip, bombs went off all around him sending shrapnel into his body and burning him extensively. Mason was airlifted back to Utah for medical assistance, and he remained in recovery and therapy for a long time afterward.

Luckily, Mason has recovered and since joined the US Navy. He has a message of hope and optimism to share; watch this video for a powerful lesson in endurance and forgiveness.