Winners Of 'Survivor': Where Are They Now?

Over the years, Survivor has showcased some of reality TV's most compelling personalities, cunning strategists, and resourceful survivalists. Given the unforgettable characters with which the show is populated season after season, it's only natural to wonder what happened to your favorite Survivor winners. Did they return to their normal lives after the hoopla surrounding their season died down? Did reality television provide a stepping stone to further fame and fortune? Where are the Survivor winners now?

The answers are, of course, different for each one. Some have maintained their public images, translating their notoriety from the show into other successes. Others have gone down unexpected paths and encountered life-altering challenges. And some Survivor winners today manage to lead something resembling a normal life after winning what is arguably the biggest reality show competition ever. But they've all got one thing in common: they've left indelible impressions on their fans.