People Who Survived An Attempt On Their Lives Share Their Disturbing And Haunting Stories

Possible Trigger Warning

Over on Reddit, people who survived an attempt on their lives share their stories of their survival. 

  • Husband Came Home Drunk And Tried To Strangle Wife

    From Redditor u/Redhead-Valkyrie:

    My drunk (ex) husband came home in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. He was pissed off at me for some unknown reason and got on top of me in bed and strangled me to the point where he thought he had killed me. When I came to he was sitting on the side of the bed crying. He had choked me so badly that I had broken blood vessel’s in my eyes. I never spent another night under the same roof as him and we divorced soon after.

  • Shot While Delivering Pizza

    From Redditor u/Apprehensive-You-490:

    I was shot in 2012 while delivering pizza.

    I was in air traffic controller school at the time. I ended up mostly okay, but disqualified from my career because I had trauma-induced seizures as a result.

    Of the 3 attackers, one died in a motorcycle crash before trial and the other 2 were out of prison by 2016.

  • A Woman Is Stabbed By A Familiar Face, But He Is Never Caught

    From Redditor u/ShineBangStan:

    Not me, but my mom. A man entered her house just before lunchtime and stabbed her and her maid multiple times. He also kept punching both of them while stabbing them. Eventually he got tired and left. My mom played dead, then when she was sure that they were alone, she checked on the maid to see if she was still alive. Both of them survived the attack, but the police never found the guy.

    The thing is, my mom knows the guy. See, she owns a flowershop, and had two people working for her. One of them is this nice gay guy, and that guy had a boyfriend. It was the boyfriend who attacked my mom, and my mom told me that he was high and was looking for money. It seemed like his boyfriend didn't want to give him money that day, so he decided to attack his bf's employer instead.

    Since then, my vibrant, outgoing mom became reclusive and she developed various health conditions. She's also always in a state of pain, which led her to become dependent on pain meds. The meds ruined her kidneys and liver, and now she's undergoing dialysis for it.

  • 'He's Now Serving A Life Sentence'

    From Redditor u/avenlux44:

    I was attacked in a friend's house by an ex-husband. He slit her throat and slashed my face with a box cutter before hitting me over the head with a plate, knocking me out temporarily. He then lit the place on fire with us in it. I managed to wake up and drag her outside and a neighbor called the police/ambulance.

    They caught him two days later trying to commit suicide in a Ramada Inn. We both lived through it, and now he is serving a life sentence.

  • 'Neighbor Plotted To Kidnap And Murder My Wife And I'

    From Redditor u/zachjreed93:

    Last year my neighbor plotted to kidnap and murder my wife and I.

    I was working from home one morning and heard a knock at the door at 8 a.m. I ignored it at first hoping whoever it was would go away. After a minute of knocking I opened the door. It was my neighbor who I had spoken with a few times.

    My wife was at work and I could tell he was surprised when I opened the door and not my wife. He was expecting her to be home and not me. He noticed that I recently purchased a new car and asked if I could show it to him. He tried to walk inside but I asked him to walk around to the garage because of COVID-19.

    I showed him the car and he was acting strange. Always kept one hand in his pocket. My garage is very small so we were in close proximity to each other. He kept inching closer to me which made me uncomfortable. He brought out an opened Coke bottle, filled with a tan liquid, and said "I brought you a coke." I declined the offer.

    After a few minutes he asked if he could see my gauge cluster. We walked around to the driver;s side and I sat in the driver seat to turn on the car and show him the gauge cluster. With door open, there was very little room besides the side of the car and the garage wall.

    After turning on the car he pulled a large hunting knife to my neck. I immediately grabbed his wrist and slammed him back into the wall. At this point, we are wrestling between the car and wall as I try to get the knife away from him. During this 30 second period, it seems like a absolute miracle that I was not stabbed. The blade grazed past my stomach multiple times.

    I was eventually able to grab the knife and force him out into the driveway. Immediately after grabbing the knife he started saying "what are you doing!? I was just trying to show you my knife??" and acting like I had just assaulted him. I was in such a state of shock that I actually started to believe him and wondered if I had overreacted. I know this seems ridiculous but I was completely delusional at the time and did not know what his intentions were.

    I stood in the driveway, hands shaking, with 911 dialed on my phone but did not make the call. He acted like nothing just happened and start asking my questions. Really suspicious questions. "Do you have a security system?"

    ... I lied and said yes.

    I asked him to go home multiple times and eventually went back inside the house but did not shut the main garage door. At this point I needed to drive into work and started getting ready. Showering, getting dressed, ect.. I assumed he had just walked back home.

    After getting ready I went outside and walked around the house to the garage with a can of bear mace. I searched around the garage and was worried he was still there. As I started to get into my car and leave, I saw my neighbor laying down behind some boxes in the garage... staring at me. I yelled and ran as fast I could back to the front door and called the cops.

    Cops arrived quickly and my neighbor had disappeared. They searched around his house and mine but could not find him. They said they would stay in the area but were going to leave for now.

    My house is surrounded by woods and I have a large back porch. Frightened, I stood in the middle of the porch while holding bear mace. I looked around and noticed my neighbor hiding in the woods staring at me. I ran back inside and called the cops.

    Cops arrived quickly and pulled guns on my neighbor and arrested him. He later said "I was just trying to scare him." They found the knife, zip ties, vodka, and a note on him that read: "Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

    It was later discovered that the Coke bottle he wanted me to drink contained pesticides. He was there to murder me or my wife.

    He was charged with three felony counts and is currently awaiting trial.

  • Roommate Had A Mental Breakdown

    From Redditor u/Adept-Matter:

    It happened during my first year in universtit when I lived with three roommates at my dorm. A few months into the first semester, one of my roommates had a mental breakdown and attempted to strangle me while I was asleep.

    I woke up to his hands around my throat, his knee on my chest and a deranged look on his face. I tried pushing me him off me, clawed at his face, but to know avail. My eyes started to dim, my hands felt leaden, I was sure I was going to die.

    Fortunately my other roommate wasn't asleep, he was laying under the covers browsing on his phone. The sounds from our struggle caught his attention and after seeing what was happening, he pushed the attacker off me and knocked him to the ground. He then woke the other roommate and together they restrained the attacker on his bed and called the university police.

    The police arrived around 15 minutes later and after we told them what happened, they called the actual cops. My roommate was arrested and taken to the police station, where he had another breakdown and bit one of the cops.

    He was transferred to a psychiatric facility after that. He was also expelled from the university.