The Most Awesome Sushi Art That You'll See All Day

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Just when you thought sushi couldn't get any more amazing, sushi chefs went ahead and created these works of sushi art to excite the palate and the eye. Yes, a sophisticated food like sushi should always be prepared and plated beautifully (Jiro Dreams of Sushi, anyone?), but these sushi works of art take the already aesthetically pleasing Japanese seafood delicacy to a whole new level. For such a traditional food, these artists have really re-imagined sushi in new, fun, and exciting ways.

These artistic sushi rolls that you'll want to eat right up range from the adorable to the literary to the whimsical. They include sushi that kids would love – Harry Potter, penguins, and pandas, oh my! - to ones perfect for cultural savants, i.e., The Scream, and Girl with a Pearl Earring. There are even ones that are so beautiful you would almost not want to eat them. Almost.

It's incredible what a sushi chef can do with just rice, seafood, fish, and vegetables. The amazingly intricate and artistic sushi rolls in this gallery are eclectic and creative enough to satisfy any foodie, art-lover, or creative-minded person. Check out the incredible photos of sushi art here that are sure to get you hungry, inspired, or both, and don't forget to upvote the most creatively delicious looking sushi art below!

Photo: Little Miss Bento / Facebook