Unspeakable Times

23 People Discuss Suspected Murderers Who Walk Free  

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener
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If you think about it, you might just know someone who committed murder and got away with it. After all, people getting away with criminal activity is so commonplace, even the most public members of society can escape punishment. Is it all that much of a stretch to say these sort of things happen all the time to ordinary people?

Below are unsolved mysteries involving disappearing neighbors, shady suicides, and deep, dark family secrets, where no one technically has been found guilty. But the circumstances surrounding these instances suggest that somebody should have. The cases here, all disclosed on Reddit, will make you realize that justice is blind to many, many things.

Runaway Rich Guy

From RussianBobsled:

"A rich guy who owns a construction company in my town ran over a homeless dude and killed him while driving drunk. He ditched the company truck back at the yard and fled to Mexico. He took a couple years off down there until the heat died down and came back to town. Totally got away with it."

Grandpa Escaped Execution

From usernamealreadytook:

"My great-great-grandfather was convicted of murder and executed in Kentucky. He had three kids at the time.Then my great-great-grandmother moved to Oklahoma and re-married, and had two more kids.

My grandfather was one of the first three kids. One of my 'cousins' whom I'm pretty close with's grandfather is one of the Oklahoma kids.

But a long standing family legend is that great-great-grandpappy Jim actually was never executed, and managed to get to Oklahoma and re-marry his 'widow.' So a few years ago our grandfathers had genetic testing done, and they're full siblings.

So apparently my great-great-grandfather did indeed kill a man, escape execution somehow, and re-marry his own widow. He lived to be 98. I met him once when I was two."

His Son Was Shot On "Accident"

From NickDanger55:

"Someone I know had a father who was just a really mean SOB. One day the father was going about his usual routine of getting drunk and beating everyone up when the oldest boy who had just turned 17 decided to stand up to him.

About a week later the father suggested a father-son hunting trip. Off they went, but only the father came back. He said he shot his son by "accident." Every single person in that family knew immediately that he'd killed the boy in cold blood.

Police did not even investigate. Just took the father at his word, called it an accident and closed the case."

The "Self-Defense" Defense Of Murder

From sdh_92:

"My dad killed my mom in an argument when I was 16. But since they were separated at the time and they were at my dad's house, my dad claimed self-defense and the court ruled in his favor. He shot her four times but in my home state we have BS "king of your castle" laws so I guess that makes it okay."