41 Funny Times We Saw Someone Post Something Oddly Specific This Year

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This list is dedicated to people who post something with so many unique specifics that we're laughing as questions fly through our brains. You can find more posts like this at r/suspiciouslyspecific.

  • 1. Secret Nerds

    Secret Nerds
    Photo: u/regian24 / Reddit
  • 2. Breathing Down Your Neck

  • 3. Get Your Priorities Straight

    Get Your Priorities Straight
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
  • 4. What's The Best Superpower?

    What's The Best Superpower?
    Photo: u/My_Memes_Will_Cure_U / Reddit
  • 5. Don't Skip Me

    Don't Skip Me
    Photo: Reddit / Twitter
  • 6. Too Specific

    Too Specific
    Photo: u/Far_Bet_8491 / Reddit