This Artist Reimagined Star Wars In Anime Style And It's Everything You Need

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Popular illustrator Nohofrog loves Star Wars. Like many fans, he can quote all of the great Star Wars one-liners and he knows which Jedi and Sith Lords are most powerful. The Japan-based artist takes his love for the Resistance one step further than most fans, though. Not only does he eagerly anticipate the release of each new film, he also creates anime style depictions of the Star Wars franchise. His colorful, poppy pieces (which can be found on Twitter and Pixiv) cover a multitude of the franchise's movies and sometimes creatively combine characters that have never even met in true movie lore.

Nohofrog's work is incredibly relevant because it demonstrates just how influential the franchise has become; Star Wars has positively impacted multiple generations. Although creator George Lucas is American, individuals who live in other countries and speak other languages still relate to his work. The age-old good versus evil trope that Lucas relied on still appeals to everyone. His original Star Wars characters have now even infiltrated the anime world and the results are ridiculously impressive. 

Take a peek below.