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12 Ways The 'Star Wars' Movies Were Changed At The Last Minute

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The rabid fandom of "a galaxy far, far away..." is obsessive over Star Wars in a way that puts other franchises to shame. The most diehard fans hunt down production materials and scour all available media to discover all the Star Wars last minute changes and alternate Star Wars endings you can shake a lightsaber at. Of course, the Star Wars films aren't the only ones to have alterations during production (and even blatant retcons), but there is something so enticing about the various "What ifs...?" of such a beloved continuity.

In light of the leaked Colin Trevorrow script for his version of Episode IX, what other ways could Star Wars films have been different? Does the thought of Han and Leia having a sitdown meal with Darth Vader pique your interest? What about Han sacrificing his life at the end of Return of the Jedi? Let's run through some of the ways this popular space opera could've been very different, and keep your eyes open, nerf herders, as spoilers are sure to follow.