29 Memes For 'Star Wars' Fans Who Believe The Prequels Are Totally Underrated

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Has the conversation regarding the 'Star Wars' prequels begun to shift yet? As the fans of Episodes 1, 2, and 3 continue to grow in numbers, their memes also keep on coming. Here are some of our favorites. You can find more at r/prequelmemes

Photo: u/HChimpdenEarwicker / Reddit

  • 1. Be More Like Obi-Wan

    Be More Like Obi-Wan
    Photo: u/Plenty-Tap-7137 / Reddit
    571 votes
  • 2. The 4 Best Sounds

    The 4 Best Sounds
    Photo: u/Rubber_Chicken_Soup / Reddit
    610 votes
  • 3. Lando's Always In A Good Mood!

    Lando's Always In A Good Mood!
    Photo: u/Sophie_Clair / Reddit
    449 votes
  • 4. Here We Go

    Here We Go
    Photo: u/ChaoticCaedus / Reddit
    677 votes
  • 5. Get It Together Troopers

    Get It Together Troopers
    Photo: u/Xboxbreck / Reddit
    361 votes
  • 6. Finally

    Photo: u/H2OROUGUE / Reddit
    507 votes