21 Posts That Prove The Star Wars Prequels Are Actually Pretty Fun

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While the Star Wars prequel movies were widely derided upon their initial release, they have since become beloved and even cherished. As the posters on r/prequelmemes show, the meme potentiality for Episodes 1, 2, and 3 is massive and unrelenting. Be sure to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. Sounds Familiar

    Sounds Familiar
    Photo: u/Moogz1 / Reddit
    481 votes
  • 2. It's Your Saga

    It's Your Saga
    Photo: u/Randsome_ / Reddit
    460 votes
  • 3. That Was A Game Changer

    That Was A Game Changer
    Photo: u/AndrewTRM / Reddit
    387 votes
  • 4. How It Happened

    How It Happened
    Photo: u/Spleenzorio / Reddit
    432 votes
  • 5. Friends Til The End

    Friends Til The End
    Photo: u/Randsome_ / Reddit
    345 votes
  • 6. Ranking The Duels

    Ranking The Duels
    Photo: u/TheTablaplayer / Reddit
    413 votes