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16 Easter Eggs In 'Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise Of Skywalker' You Definitely Missed

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After nine movies and 42 years, the Skywalker saga officially concluded with the sprawling Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Given that the film intended to both wrap up a nine-episode epic and pay homage to its own mythology, it makes sense that Easter eggs in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker abound. For those able to avoid distraction from the nonstop explosions and bouts of Force lighting, it almost feels as though there are hidden things in The Rise of Skywalker at every turn.

In some sense, Star Wars has always been about poetic repetition and, ultimately, restoring balance and equilibrium. Director J.J. Abrams reinforces those themes with references big and small. Star Wars: Episode IX Easter eggs include everything from Chewie finally receiving a medal to the more obvious - but still exciting - return of major characters and locations from previous films. So let's strap in and look at some of the better Easter eggs you probably didn't notice on your first go-around.

Be warned: Spoilers lie ahead.

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    Carrie Fisher's Daughter Dresses Like Her

    Actress Billie Lourd - Carrie Fisher's daughter - has played Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix in all three episodes of the modern trilogy.

    The character's styling echoes Leia's looks in the original trilogy, and it's cool to see Lourd honor her mother by donning a similar outfit and hairstyle to Princess Leia's look in Return of the Jedi.

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    Several Of The Ships From The Battle Of Exegol Have Appeared Before

    Photo: The Force Awakens / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Poe and the Resistance are saved during the Battle of Exegol when hundreds of ships from across the galaxy jump in to provide last-second reinforcements.

    But they're not just any ships. They include several from Star Wars lore, including The Ghost, The Crucible, Shadow Caster, The Eravana, The Outrider, The Colossus, and presumably plenty more.

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    Wedge Antilles Returns

    Photo: A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

    It's a brief moment, but one of the Star Wars expanded universe's most beloved characters shows up to participate in the Battle of Exegol.

    Ace pilot and Red Leader Wedge Antilles mans the Falcon's gunner seat to take out a few more Star Destroyers.

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    The Sinking Fields Are Back

    Photo: The Force Awakens / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    In The Force Awakens, we learn that Jakku is home to what's known as the "Sinking Fields." Rey warns BB-8 to avoid them, and Finn watches as his and Poe's TIE fighter is swallowed up by what appears to be quicksand.

    Although Passanna from The Rise of Skywalker is an entirely different planet, it appears to have some sort of sinking fields, as well. Maybe every dusty planet in the galaxy has them.

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