Star Wars-Themed Snacks To Satisfy Your Hunger And Make You One With The Force

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So you've watched every Star Wars movie there is to watch. You knew every Stars Wars Easter egg before anyone ever explained them to you. You're even familiar with every instance that a Star Wars actor dissed their franchise (no, even the actors aren't above hating on Jedi Knights). But are you tired of Sith Lords and lightsabers yet? Of course not. You're hungry for more and even anticipating all of the revelations in Star Wars: Episode IX can't sate your appetite.

The best way to deal with that hunger is to indulge yourself with actual food. Regular old popcorn won't do and don't even think about getting a box of that overpriced movie theater candy. If you're hungry for more Star Wars, eat a Star Wars-themed snack. Dedicated fans, who also happen to be foodies, have created their own versions of galactic treats and the results look scrumptious.

Even if you don't attempt to make any of the goodies below, your Force cravings will subside just by looking at them (if only for a little while).

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  • 1. Porg Cupcakes

    Porg Cupcakes
    Photo: Jenn Fujikawa / Nerdist
    36 votes
  • 2. Star Wars Macarons

    Star Wars Macarons
    Photo: Mike Tamplin / SemiSweetDesigns
    36 votes
  • 3. Sarlacc Bundt Cake

    Sarlacc Bundt Cake
    Photo: @yummycrumble / Instagram
    37 votes
  • 4. Yoda Green Tea Oreos

    Yoda Green Tea Oreos
    Photo: justJENN / JustJennRecipes
    26 votes
  • 5. Ewok Granola Bars

    Ewok Granola Bars
    Photo: Meg / RedefinedMom
    30 votes
  • 6. Storm Trooper Marshmallow Pops

    Storm Trooper Marshmallow Pops
    Photo: Jillian Leslie / CatchMyParty
    26 votes