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12 Bad (And Good) Facts About Swans You Might Not Know

Updated 20 May 2020 10.1k views12 items

Swans are typically considered symbols of grace and beauty, but they have an ugly side; swans are mean, and sustaining injuries from the sometimes vicious birds is more common than you'd expect. Most of us have seen the image of two swans with their heads bowing together in the shape of a heart, and while they do mate for life, these aggressive birds aren't exactly romantic. Why are swans so hostile? And can the massive, territorial birds cause bodily injury?

Turns out, there's plenty you probably don't know about swans. They're extremely intelligent, and they're not afraid to defend their nests. In fact, a series of swans in England have been terrorizing rowers for nearly a decade. Next time you're at a lake or river, keep an eye out for these clever but inimical creatures.

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