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14 Times Vicious Video Game Characters Were Actually Super Sweet  

Nathan Gibson
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Historically, video game characters have been hyper-masculine. And if the game is geared toward an older audience, sometimes characters are prone to being harsh and having an extreme lack of empathy. The vast majority of player characters and villains in popular genres - such as first-person shooters and role-playing games - are not exactly affectionate beings. Instead, they are often rough video game characters whose sole purpose is to rack up a body count. 

However, there are moments in even the most savage titles where characters can show a sweeter side to their personalities. Whether it involves making an unexpected moral choice or performing a small gesture, even the grimmest and most gritty figures can be big ol' softies. These instances are some of the most emotional moments in video games, as the player tends not to expect them to happen, increasing the impact tenfold.

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Master Chief is one of the toughest humans in any video game. He has battled entire armies of aliens in his attempt to save humanity, getting almost nothing in return. Bio-engineered and trained from childhood to be the ultimate warrior, he has no family or real friends. His sole companion and the only entity he cares about is his AI.

When Cortana is about to die at the end of Halo 4, gamers can see Master Chief's compassionate side, and it is still one of the most talked-about moments in video game history. 

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The Arkham series mainly focuses on the relationship between the Joker and Batman. The classic villain launches a variety of dangerous and horrifying plans to defeat his nemesis and bring as much misery to Gotham as possible.

However, the final moments when the credits roll, the Clown Prince of Crime sings "Only You" to Bruce Wayne, demonstrating just how important Batman is to him.

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Both Big Boss and Solid Snake are seasoned special forces operatives who have gone on missions where they had to eliminate dozens of adversaries; they are ruthless and efficient. By the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, they have both finished their fights.

In a touching moment, the father and son discuss life and their past indiscretions. Solid Snake learns he has been cured of the illness he believed would end him, and Big Boss tells him to find something that makes life worth living. 

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Out of the three main characters that can be controlled by the player in Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor is easily the one with the most issues. He is excessively extreme and doesn't seem to care about anyone else other than himself throughout the entire story - except for a moment during one mission.

In this chapter, the character meets his mother, who berates him for being a terrible son. The notoriously vicious criminal completely breaks down and sobs at the lack of acceptance.

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