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These adorable and touching videos of celebrities surprising their biggest fans will restore your faith in the rich and famous. Many celebrities and Hollywood stars are known as "divas" and "jerks," but these videos of super-fans having their dreams come true will warm your heart. Taylor Swift seems to be the queen of fan surprises - she's gone from surprising an Ohio fan at her bridal shower to surprising a Connecticut family with holiday gifts for their toddler. But this list goes beyond just pop stars and includes top athletes and famous actors who have given their fans the surprise of a lifetime.

While T-Swift may be the queen of celeb surprises, Ellen DeGeneres is the #1 enabler. Both Ellen and fellow daytime talk show host Rachael Ray often feature great segments of celebrities surprising their fans. Check below to see Bruno Mars's adorable surprise visit on Ellen as well as Celine Dion and Miranda Cosgrove on Rachael Ray.

But that's just the beginning of this epic video compilation of celebs surprising their fans. We dare you to not get a little teary during some of these heartwarming true stories of celebrities being wonderful to their devoted fans.
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After telling fans that they were in for a "3D experience," Channing Tatum surprises the crowd at the first ever screening of Magic Mike XXL. Look out for all of the flustered older women fanning themselves. Adorbs.

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BuzzFeedVideo came out with a fantastic clip of Daniel Radcliffe surprising some of his fans at a movie theater, after a screening of What If. The fans went absolutely nuts in the most hilarious way.

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Gena Gabrielle's bridal shower took a must-see and unexpected turn when Taylor Swift showed up. T-Swift uploaded the awesome footage of the bride-to-be's freakout to her YouTube account for all of us to enjoy.

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Twilight fans freaked the heck out when Robert Pattinson showed up at their door. Watch their epic screams and looks of pure shock at the sight of R-Patz... before they attack him.

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