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Ashley Reign
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“Can I get a Swiggity? Can I get a Swooty?” Be careful how you answer these two questions because they may just mean somebody is coming for that booty! For those of you already hopelessly confused, fear not, because you’re about to get a good long look at the horrors that follow the primal cry of “Swiggity Swooty! I’m coming for that booty!.” 

You see “Swiggity Swooty” is the newest online phrase which tends to accompany terrifying gifs of various people, creatures, and yes even machines, who are coming for that booty. Whose booty, exactly? No one knows. However, from what we’ve observed so far, it seems that once a state of Swiggity Swooty has been declared, almost any booty within reach is considered fair game.

If this sounds like a decent deal to you, then think again, pal. You see Swiggity Swooty types are no swooners. The odds are you may already know a Swooter by a different name. Over the years, they’ve been referred to by terms such as “creepers,” “lurkers,” and “loomers.”

So booties beware, for the Swiggity Swooter may lurk unannounced, hiding deep under the cover of the shadows before ever announcing himself with his unmistakable war cry. It’s advised that upon hearing the Swiggity Swooty alarm, all those within earshot should remain calm and proceed to the nearest chair in which their booty may be safely hidden. Though we warn that the following imagery is not for the weak of heart, all those who dare may proceed below to see Swiggity Swooters in action.

This Penguin's Comin' for Dat Clay-Mation Booty!


He's Big-Wheelin' for Dat Booty!


Dunna Nunna Nunna Nunna Bat Booty Swooty!


Can't No Ice Keep Him from Dat Booty!