This ‘Swim Reaper’ Instagram Account Shows Death Like You've Never Seen Him Before

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Among the outrageous, colorful, and viral sensations that fill the endless photo and video void of Instagram, there lies the totally silly (yet chillingly ominous) account of the Swim Reaper. While death itself might sound bleak and boring, the Grim Reaper has created an Instagram account that proves that he knows how to live it up during the hot summer days. 

So what does the Grim Reaper do on vacation? His account is full of photos that will take you on a real journey to death's paradise. He likes to kick back in beautiful New Zealand, where he frolics on beach shores, luring swimmers into dangerous rip tides and spending time by scenic waterfall landscapes, enticing young swimmers to dive into murky waters without bothering to check if its safe. You know, giving the vacationing public terrible water-safety advice.

Although the Swim Reaper is prime if you're looking for funny Instagram accounts, he also conveys a serious message to those on vacation - don't be a fool in the water because death is lurking. Even paradise can be hell.