Fans Are Sharing Obscure 'Harry Potter' Lore About Sybill Trelawney

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Hogwart's divination professor isn't exactly the most beloved teacher at the magical school, but there is a lot about her past that might make her more interesting. Readers and the author have been pointing out things about Trelawney that might just make her more intriguing.

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    The Reason Nobody Takes Her Readings Seriously Has To Do With A Greek Myth

    From Redditor u/swagger_of_a_cripple:

    There is a historical reason for why everyone thinks she's a fraud and it has to do with Greek Mythology. In the fifth Harry Potter book, it's said that Prof. Trelawney is the descendant of the great seer Cassandra Trelawney. While it might seem like a throwaway line, it probably refers to the Greek prophet Cassandra.

    In the Greek story, the god Apollo fell in love with Cassandra and gave her the gift of prophecy. He then tried to put the moves on her and she rebuked him. He got angry and instead of taking the gift back, he cursed her: nobody would believe her predictions or the predictions of her descendants.

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    Trelawney Guessed Harry's Birth Time Wrong Because She Sensed The Horcrux

    From a former Redditor:

    So, in the Prisoner of Azkaban, Trelawney incorrectly guesses Harry's season of birth. I'd always thought this was just one of Trelawney's wrong guesses, until I remembered when You-Know-Who was born -- December 31st.

    Sounds like these two things don't connect at all, since Trelawney was talking about Harry. But, what if she wasn't, unknowingly?

    Harry is the Horcrux You-Know-Who never meant to make. So, part of him, which was born December 31st, lives inside of Harry at this point.

    So, Professor Trelawney did technically guess right that Harry was born mid-winter... she was just looking at the wrong soul inside of him!

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    Sybill Never Remembers When She Has A Real Moment Of Clairvoyance

    From Redditor u/dangerouslycheesey94:

    [Rowling said] Sybill does experience very rare flashes of genuine clairvoyance, which she can never remember afterwards. She secured her post at Hogwarts because she revealed, during her interview with Dumbledore, that she was the unconscious possessor of important knowledge.

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    Sybill Is The Great Great Granddaughter Of A Real Seer

    From Redditor u/dangerouslycheesey94:

    [Rowling said] Sybill is the great-great granddaughter of a genuine Seer, Cassandra Trelawney. Cassandra's gift has been much diluted over ensuing generations, although Sybill has inherited more than she knows.

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    She Knows The Other Hogwarts Professors Don't Like Her

    From Redditor u/dangerouslycheesey94:

    [Rowling said] Conscious of her low status on the staff, who are almost all more talented than she is, Sybill spends most of her time apart from her colleagues, up in her stuffy and overcrowded tower office. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, she has developed an over-reliance on alcohol.

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    She Targets More Gullible Hogwarts Students To Make Her Look More Impressive

    From Redditor u/dangerouslycheesey94:

    [Rowling said] Sybill has cultivated a dramatic manner and enjoys impressing her more gullible students with predictions of doom and disaster. She is gifted in the fortune teller's tricks; she accurately reads Neville's nervousness and suggestibility in his first class, and tells him he is about to break a cup, which he does. On other occasions, gullible students do her work for her.