WATCH The One Thing Sylvester Stallone Has To Do In Every Movie  

Tucker DeSaulnier

On the off chance that Rocky didn't make it abundantly clear, Sylvester Stallone has spent the four decades since proving that he's a man's man. He's such a manly man's man, in fact, that there's only one adversary worthy of of his muscular manliness. As the video below so hilariously illustrates, Stallone's greatest nemesis is unconquerable.

Who or what could possible stand up to Sly's beefiness? Gravity, that's whom. Having defeated everyone else, gravity itself is the only opponent worthy of Stallone. He has, after all, arm-wrestled his way over the top.

No matter how many burly bros Sly's arm-wrestled into oblivion, though, he still has to contend with gravitation. That's why he ends up dangling from precarious points in so, so many movies.

Cliffhanger's the most obvious example, but if you think a movie solely about Sylvester Stallone hanging on for dear life if the only example, you're wrong. Really wrong. Hold on for dear life and partake in the timeless spectacle of the manliest manly man hanging off stuff with the supercut below.