Unspeakable Times

A 16-Year-Old Girl Was Brutally Tortured By The Family Paid To Care For Her

The notion of a killer torturing their victim is an incredibly disturbing one. The idea of an entire family torturing a victim is somehow more terrifying. There are thousands of stories about people who were held captive, people who were tortured, and people who have been subjected to every mental and physical degradation possible, but few are as dread-inducing as the brutal torture and murder of Sylvia Likens. 

Every parent has read the horror stories about the babysitter who abused the child left in their care, or worse, had their child abducted or murdered by someone they trusted. This was Likens's unfortunate fate. As a young girl, she was left in the care of a neighbor along with her little sister. Her parents believed the neighbor, who seemed like a completely normal person, could be trusted with their children. The details of Likens's gruesome torture and subsequent murder are shocking and monstrous and outlined in detail below, so proceed with caution.