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So You Think You Can Dance is back for its 11th season with another amazing assortment of dancers vying for the title of America's Most Talented Dancer.  This years line up of contestants is better than ever: tappers, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, contemporary. All the dancing bases are covered. This years dances are also harder than ever, featuring for the first time (I believe) non-ballet dancers doing ballet routines. It's going to be an interesting watch!

For those that don't know the show: SYTYCD producers traverse the country looking for the best of the best to represent American dance. Callbacks are held in Los Angeles, here the dancers are whittled down from hundreds to just twenty top dancers. The top twenty head to Las Vegas for Live Finals on FOX where judges and the public vote to eliminate dancers until just two remain. One male and one female are crowned America's Top Dancer.

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Most divisive: Emily James
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  • Ricky Ubeda
    71 votes

    Ricky Ubeda

  • Valerie Rockey
    59 votes

    Valerie Rockey

  • Zack Everhart
    55 votes

    Zack Everhart

  • Carly Blaney
    41 votes

    Carly Blaney

  • Tanisha Belnap
    53 votes

    Tanisha Belnap

  • Rudy Abreu
    55 votes

    Rudy Abreu