Total Nerd 15 Pieces Of Insanely Gorgeous Tabletop RPG Artwork  

Inigo Gonzalez
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Tabletop role-playing games - such as board games, card games, and dice games - have come a very long way since they were first created. Game systems have become cleaner and lean more towards storytelling, rather than number crunching. Because so many of these systems have greatly improved, publishers and game designers knew that they needed to go the extra mile to attract players. One of the things they did was transform tabletop role-playing artwork into just that - actual artwork.

Older game manuals often had simple black and white drawings scattered among the pages and typically felt like they were an afterthought. Though some of those old illustrations were impressive, others fell flat and were uninspiring. There was clearly room for improvement. And so, artwork in tabletop gaming went through a revolution. The artworks found in modern tabletop role-playing games are stunning, evocative pieces that bring the games to life, like gorgeous art from Dungeons & Dragons. Check out the tabletop games below and vote for the best artworks among them.