Unspeakable Crimes Horrible Things That Have Happened at Taco Bell  

Jordan Love
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Most people already know that bad things can happen to you if you eat Taco Bell, but it turns out that it might not be Taco Bell's fault. It seems like Taco Bell just has a knack for attracting the most horrible, strange, and bizarre people. From individuals who are willing to rob a dying woman to overly aggressive clowns to young LARPers, Taco Bell attracts them all.

Some of these Taco Bell stories are horribly funny, some are horribly sad, and some are just straight up horrible. Maybe it's something in the hot sauce, the Doritos Locos Tacos, or the Quesarito that makes Taco Bell customers go a little crazy. There's got to be something that links these Taco Bell horror stories, right?

There are so many bad things that have happened at Taco Bell that it's tough to even know where to start. One could begin with the bodily fluids in the nachos, the seemingly endless stream of disgruntled customers, or even the many deaths that have occurred in and around the fast food joint. Taco Bell just isn't like other fast food restaurants. They have a wholly unique reputation, which isn't necessarily a good thing. If you have any doubts about that, just check out this list of horrible things that have happened at Taco Bell - you'll get the idea.

The Price Increase Shootout

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It's never fun to learn that something has gone up in price, but one Texas man took his reaction to the next level. The price of Beefy Crunch Burritos had just gone up by fifty cents and to him, that was totally unacceptable. He fired his air gun at the manager and flashed two additional weapons. The whole affair resulted in a police chase and shootout including a SWAT team, all over a few burritos.

Bloody Tacos

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This is what happens when an employee cuts their finger and finishes making the taco anyway. A mom and her young daughter were unfortunate enough to eat half the taco before realizing the special sauce was human blood.

Group Sex in the Restroom

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The fact that there were four individuals having group sex in a Taco Bell bathroom is bad enough. On top of that though, apparently they were also careless enough as to leave the door unlocked during their sexcapades. As a result, an 11-year-old girl walked in on them and was surely scarred for life.

The Returning of 400 Pounds of Hot Sauce

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This one is less horrible than it is just plain bizarre. At one Taco Bell, at least 10 masked individuals returned 25,000 packets of hot sauce they had stolen over the previous years. They brought the hundreds of pounds of packets into the restaurant in six garbage bags and the best part is, since Taco Bell probably couldn't use the packets anymore, the employees likely just threw out the six garbage bags and got back to work.