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7 Taco Bell Recipes You Can Easily Make at Home

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Who among us can't relate to the occasional late night taco craving that sends us running for the all-night drive-thru of our friendly neighborhood Taco Bell? Though it's hard to imagine anything better at 2am than the late night bliss of a Beef and Cheese Crunchwrap Supreme, imagine how awesome it'd be to have the ability to straight up make Taco Bell at home! That's right, this is going exactly where you hope it is - towards the revelation that here, ladies and gentleman, is a collection of recipes containing all the necessary Taco Bell ingredients to make your very own entrees from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Here you'll find a collection of Taco Bell recipes that will reveal the secret to making everything from the beef seasoning that makes the Taco Bell tacos so mouthwatering to DIY instructions for how to make your own chalupa shells. These Taco Bell copycat recipes actually taste like the real thing! So if you just discovered in horror that you forgot to ask for some mild sauce before you rolled out of the driveway, or you just want to try making something new for your family tonight, you've come to the right place. 

So come on down and get ready to behold the secrets to concocting Taco Bell from ingredients that you may already have in your own kitchen! But then again, maybe nothing can compare to the real thing, especially since Taco Bell's secret menu might be the best thing about the Bell.

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    Border Sauce

    Ever gotten all the way home and realized to your horror that you rolled right out of the drive-thru without remembering to get any of that tasty taco sauce? Fear not, for there's a great site called Taco Bell at Home that's got directions on how to make enough of your own taco sauce to last you for more than a couple late-night burrito runs.

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    The Taco Meat Seasoning

    That seasoning tho! Let's face it, when it comes to taco seasoning, Taco Bell just knows what's up. If you're looking to make your very own version to spice up your taco meat at home, you're in luck! Check out Food.com for the list of not so top secret ingredients that goes into that magic seasoning that make Taco Bell's meat so great.

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    Beef Meximelt

    When you find yourself in the mood for something melty, you may ask yourself, "What could possibly be better than Taco Bell's famous meximelt?" We get it. As it turns out, a DIY homemade meximelt, that's what! Inspiration Kitchen has got you covered with the perfect recipe for the dish which consists of ground beef, plenty of melty cheese, and fresh pico de gallo all wrapped in a fluffy flour tortilla. 

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