The Consequences Of Taking Selfies With Exotic Animals In Foreign Countries

While the world is filled with animal lovers who would never want to see any harm come to a wild creature, the truth is that humans have never been particularly good as a species to our animal cousins. Whether it is destroying their habitats or hunting them to extinction, people have a great deal of harm to the rest of nature. One of the latest trends that has caused huge problems in places such as South America and Thailand is that of animals abused for tourist selfies.

These types of activities have become more and more popular as people flock to get a photograph taken with an animal that they might otherwise never get a chance to see up close. Unfortunately, the treatment of these creatures effectively just makes it animal abuse in foreign countries, where the laws and regulations don’t make it difficult enough for these unethical practices to be carried out. For animals that are often shy and unaccustomed to human contact it can be a stressful and frightening experience, especially when combined with the cruel way they are locked up and treated by their handlers.

So make sure you read on to understand why you shouldn't pay to pose with exotic animals, especially when it involves direct contact with them.