People Describe Their School Talent Show Horror Stories  

Donn Saylor
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Performing on stage can be a nerve-wracking experience for a lot of people, but it's especially anxiety-provoking for kids and teens. As you'll see from this list of talent shows gone wrong, elementary and high school stages across the world have seen some of the most hilariously bad and awkward performances ever to grace the footlights.

In many of these stories, culled from the pages of Reddit, the disgraced performers themselves share the tales of their epic embarrassments. In others, not-so-lucky audience members recount the awful school plays, horrible skits, and terrible talent show performances they had to sit through. But one common thread unites them all: a collective shudder on the part of the reader. Well, a shudder and maybe a good laugh or two.

She Scared The Crap Out Of Herself

From Redditor /u/Muuviestar:

[A girl] got so sick she pooped and it fell out of her shorts onto the stage.

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The Front Row Is A Splash Zone

From Redditor /u/Captain_Shrug:

I was in junior high when someone had this idea for a talent show. Pretty much most of the kids who were past the first few grades said “We’re not that interested” but it was a thing so a bunch of parents said, “Oh yes you f*cking are.” So it happened.

This 4th grader... I THINK he was going to sing something but I’m not sure because he got up in front of the auditorium holding his paper, opens his mouth, and BAZOOKA BARFS into the front row, freaks out, starts crying and runs off the stage.

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One Performer Got A Bit Too Excited

From a Redditor:

Not an actual performer, but in middle school I was the class clown. We all performed little skits in our last year. The one I was in involved me and two other guys being taught how to do ballet by a hot girl in our class. Naturally, we all acted very silly during the skit.

I don't remember exactly [how] it happened, but I managed to get a boner during dress rehearsals. I didn't notice it. I thought everyone was laughing because we were being funny like we had intended. It wasn't until afterwards, when the principle took me aside and told me what had happened that I realized what had happened.

To make things worse, we were all wearing leotards, so it was a very prominent display of boner. For the actual performance, we all had to wear cups over our groins.

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Somebody Farted Into A Mic

From Redditor /u/itsfoine:

Mid-performance, I ripped [one] right on stage and the microphone caught the sound, making it loud for everyone in the audience to hear. I tried to brush it off but it was very obvious and my face turned bright red.

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