21 Entitled Food Service Customers Who Were The Choosiest Of Beggars

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The entitlement is real. Below you'll find some unbelievable customers in food service that could use a reality check. Tales range from refusing to pay for food to leaving one-star reviews for ridiculous reasons. Vote up on the most outrageous customers in food service below!

All posts sourced from r/ChoosingBeggars.

  • 1. Yelper Is Mad Because Restaurant Didn't Give Them A Free Meal In Return For Instagram Exposure

    6,529 votes
  • 2. Choosing Beggar Angry About Being Kicked Out Of A Cafe With Free Wi-Fi After Bringing In Food From Another Restaurant

    5,163 votes
  • 3. Imagine Demanding Free Food From Someone After They've Moved To An Entirely Different State

    6,237 votes
  • 4. Local BBQ Place With Free Beer Calls Out A Specific Yelper

    4,830 votes
  • 5. Woman Gives Restaurant Fake One-Star Review After She Doesn't Win Their Contest For Free Food

    4,321 votes
  • 6. Restaurant Reviewer From Hell

    6,985 votes