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Pictures From Talia's Instagram That Aren't Rice

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Former Yelp employee Talia Jane had a dream. It was a simple dream, really: To work in media, live in her own apartment, and be able to afford to eat a variety of foods. Unfortunately for Talia, armed only with a degree in English literature, a supportive father, and a coveted job in San Francisco at one of the Internet's most visited websites, that dream could never become a reality.

Why? Because of her mean old CEO. In an open letter to Yelp's co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman, Talia complained that her salary as an employee in the customer support department was such a pittance that she could not afford to live in the city, pay for transportation, or buy groceries. In fact, she was forced to subsist on a 10-pound bag of rice because going to the grocery store was out of her budget. (Apparently the in-office snacks provided by Yelp were not consolation enough.)

Sounds like a relatively reasonable complaint... until you take a look at Talia's Instragram. For a poor, unappreciated worker subsisting on rice alone, she sure does eat a lot of cupcakes. And tacos. And Brie-stuffed meatballs. And Kombucha. In fact, based on her @itsa_talia account, Talia had her fare share of non-rice meals, some of which she even ordered from a pricey delivery service. Imagine being forced to live on things like Bulleit bourbon, pulled pork sliders, or mini pumpkin pies! The horror!

If you want to help Talia out, don't even think about sending her more rice. You can always contribute to the GoFundMe page someone set up in her honor.
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