The Tallest NFL Players Right Now, Ranked

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Vote up the players over 6'6" who use their size to their advantage.

Football is a sport about big men using their size and strength to dominate their opponents on the field, and the tallest players in the NFL right now are using every inch of their height to succeed on the gridiron. Whether you're talking about the long-armed linemen who kickstart the offense or the giant tight ends who go over the top in the middle of the field, being tall is a huge advantage for these NFL stars.

Jimmy Graham and Jesse James are among the tight ends over 6-foot-6 tall to achieve tremendous success in the league, beating defenses with their tremendous combination of height, reach, and strength. Eric Fisher and Sam Young join the list of linemen who help block for their running backs and quarterbacks by using those long arms to push off defenses and provide space for the offense to operate.

But who are the best tall players in the NFL right now? Who are the biggest big men helping their teams get a leg up on the competition with their size and strength? Vote below, then head over and check out the shortest players in the NFL for a look at the other side of the coin.

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