Every Player Over 6-Foot-4 In The NHL Today, Ranked

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Vote up the most talented big men in hockey today.

The tallest hockey players in the game today are not necessarily the best in the NHL, but their size provides a distinct advantage over their peers in a sport that is often quite physical. There are only 34 current players in the NHL over 6-foot-4, and all of them tower over their opponents, including Vancouver Canucks defenseman Tyler Myers, who at 6'8" is the tallest player in hockey right now. 

But Myers is not the only giant among men. There are also Mikko Koskinen and Ben Bishop, the biggest goalies in the NHL at 6 feet, 7 inches, tall. Players on this list are All-Stars and champions, and each of them has used his size to make the game just a little bit easier for himself and his team.

So, check out this list of the tallest hockey players in the game right now, and vote up players who have used their size and stature best while making a career in hockey's top levels. Who is the best tall NHL player today?

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