Every Player Over 7 Feet Tall In The NBA Today, Ranked

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Who is the best tall NBA player? By measurements, the tallest basketball player in the league right now is Tacko Fall, who in a league of giants towers over many of his opponents at 7-foot-5. Fall is a marvel to look at and even more fun to watch play, as he uses his long arms and grand stature to dominate in the paint for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

However, even though the NBA is a league built on tremendous heights, on current rosters, there are just 29 players 7 feet tall or over. Some teams feature no players that tall, while others like the Dallas Mavericks feature a pair of giants: the 7-foot-4 Boban Marjanovic and the 7-foot-3 Kristaps Porzingis, who are both right behind Fall for the title of tallest NBA player. Some of these players are even among the tallest players in NBA history. The 7-foot-2 Bol Bol is the son of Manute Bol, who was in his day one of the tallest NBA players ever.

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