Graveyard Shift

The Tallmans Unwittingly Bought A Haunted Bunk Bed And Lived Through Hell On Earth

The haunting of the Tallman house was the subject of a 1988 Unsolved Mysteries episode so scary that it rarely re-airs today. The episode chronicled what happened after Debbie and Allen Tallman brought a supposedly haunted set of bunk beds into their home. From paranormal visions to disembodied voices, the Tallmans experienced almost every horror movie trope. Like many people who have bought cursed objects, the Tallmans came to regret their purchase. Whatever spirits possessed the bunk beds purportedly ended up terrorizing the home.

Most people view alleged true stories of hauntings with skepticism. However, this case is unique for its number of witnesses - even incredulous visitors saw inexplicable incidents in the house. The Tallmans ultimately destroyed the bunk beds and fled their home.

  • The Bunk Beds Appeared To Set Off The Hauntings
    Photo: Johann H. Addicks / Wikimedia Commons / GFDL 1.2

    The Bunk Beds Appeared To Set Off The Hauntings

    Allen and Debbie Tallman did not experience any paranormal activity in their home until they purchased a pair of bunk beds from a secondhand store. It was only after bringing the beds home when odd occurrences began. Doors would open and close on their own; a chair had occasionally moved at random.

    The children reported seeing an old woman with long black hair and an eerie glow roaming their room. It appears the bunk beds, and not the house itself, were the cause of the paranormal activity.

  • When Allen Tallman Challenged The Entity, It Supposedly Began Targeting Him

    Whatever was haunting the house seemingly had a fixation on the Tallmans' young son, Danny. Danny expressed more fear of the entity than the other family members did, and he wanted to leave the home. After a while, Allen grew tired of the entity attacking his son. He screamed at it to stop bothering his children and target him instead.

    The entity might have followed orders. The next day, Allen heard a voice from the garage say, "Come here." 

    He walked in to see a fire with red eyes, as well as a fog rising from the floor, which turned into flames before a voice said, "You're dead."

  • An Incident With A Skeptical Babysitter Finally Convinced The Family To Move
    Photo: Sawaki Suushi / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    An Incident With A Skeptical Babysitter Finally Convinced The Family To Move

    Allen and Debbie left their kids under the care of a babysitter one night. The babysitter, a fairly hardened skeptic, was unconcerned with the family's paranormal claims. However, that night, the babysitter witnessed the same fog and flames vision that Allen had seen earlier.

    The babysitter's vision was the final straw for the Tallman family, and they decided to move out of their home.

  • The Children Reportedly Saw Visions Of A Witch And Fire

    The mysterious visions started shortly after the family brought the bunk beds home. The youngest daughter claimed to have recurring visions of a witch and fire, which could have derived from the child's overactive imagination.

    However, about a month later, her brother began seeing the same things.