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The Tallmans Unwittingly Bought A Haunted Bunk Bed And Lived Through Hell On Earth

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The haunting of the Tallman house was the subject of a 1988 Unsolved Mysteries episode so scary that it rarely re-airs today. The episode chronicled what happened after Debbie and Allen Tallman brought a supposedly haunted set of bunk beds into their home. From paranormal visions to disembodied voices, the Tallmans experienced almost every horror movie trope. Like many people who have bought cursed objects, the Tallmans came to regret their purchase. Whatever spirits possessed the bunk beds purportedly ended up terrorizing the home.

Most people view alleged true stories of hauntings with skepticism. However, this case is unique for its number of witnesses - even incredulous visitors saw inexplicable incidents in the house. The Tallmans ultimately destroyed the bunk beds and fled their home.

  • Family Members Allegedly Experienced Visions Of Red Eyes

    One night, Allen came down with a sinus infection, which required hospitalization. Debbie went to the hospital with her husband and left her mother to watch the children. Debbie's mother fell asleep on the couch and woke up to see red eyes staring at her. 

    Debbie’s mother felt terrified and left the house swiftly after Allen returned from the hospital. Other family members later reported similar visions.

  • Accessing The 'Unsolved Mysteries' Episode About The Case Is Difficult

    There was an Unsolved Mysteries episode about the Tallman haunting, which aired in 1988. It featured a crew entering and filming inside of the actual home. However, it is a challenge to track down a copy of this episode.

    It is unavailable online, but viewers can purchase the out-of-print DVD, Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts.

  • Allen Tallman Claimed He Once Witnessed A Fire That Suddenly Vanished

    One of the scariest incidents occurred when Allen allegedly heard a voice calling to him from the garage. When he went to find the source, he found a pair of red eyes staring at him. Terrified, he ran toward the house and entered it.

    When he turned around again, he purportedly saw a fire in the garage, but the fire had disappeared by the time he returned to inspect it.

  • Photo: Armstrong1113149 / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    The Radio Might Have Showed Signs Of Paranormal Activity

    The first night the bunk bed was in the Tallman home, Danny Tallman claimed to have experienced paranormal activity that involved the radio. Danny slept in the room adjacent to the one which had the bunk bed.

    He said that the radio had turned on by itself and began switching stations at random.