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Remember When Paul Walker Was Mauled By A Lion, Then Turned Into A Robot Dinosaur?

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On the list of weird '90s movies, Tammy and the T-Rex stands out for both straight-up absurdity and downright awfulness. In terms of blockbuster hits, it's one of the worst movies ever made. Don't be confused by the title, this is no Jurassic Park. However, in terms of cult movies and terrible classics, this movie is almost impressive for its sheer reptilian weirdness. Honored as one of the most horrible '90s movies, the movie follows teenaged couple Tammy (Denise Richards) and Michael (Paul Walker) on a trippy, psychosexual animatronic dinosaur adventure. When Michael gets killed in freak lion accident (wait, it gets weirder) his brain is transferred to the body of a robotic dinosaur. He then uses said body to get revenge on his high school bullies (who also basically caused his lion-death) while trying to outrun both the police and the mad scientists who created the robo-dino. 

During their shenanigans, Tammy and her titular T. rex commit tons of bloody murder, conduct multiple body-snatching attempts, and get mixed up in high-speed police chases. And while that sounds objectively interesting, wait until you pair it with eye-scorching CGI, wildly out of place sexual energy, and utterly painful acting. Mix it all together, and you get the whimsically horrible action/romance/sci-fi cocktail that is Tammy and the T-Rex