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This 'Scarface' Actress Mysteriously Disappeared At 18 - But Her Sister Is Still Looking For Her

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Tammy Lynn Leppert was an up-and-coming actor from Rockledge, Florida. After appearing in small roles for several feature-length films, one of which was Scarface, she planned to move to Hollywood to pursue her career. But shortly before her intended departure, she went missing from Cocoa Beach, FL, in 1983 at 18 years old. The circumstances surrounding Leppert's disappearance are odd. She began displaying erratic behavior in the months before she vanished and believed someone was out to get her. Police considered two notorious offenders as possible suspects in the case but ultimately couldn't find any connection between them and Leppert. Her mother, meanwhile, believes Tammy discovered information she wasn't supposed to know about high-level Florida officials. 

Of all the cases of people who disappeared in the 1980s, Tammy's is one of the most baffling. Detectives found few leads, and to this day, no one has heard from Tammy. Her sister, Suzanne Leppert, continues to post on missing persons forums and on Facebook in the hopes that someone will have new information about her sister's disappearance.

  • When Leppert Began Smashing Windows, Her Mother Hospitalized Her

    Leppert's mother, Linda Curtis, insisted Leppert talk to the sheriff, but Leppert didn't tell him she feared someone was after her. At home, Leppert expressed concern that someone was attempting to poison her.

    Curtis reports Leppert had good and bad days, but when she had a breakdown that led her to smash windows and lash out at close family friend Wing Flannagan, Curtis checked Leppert into a hospital.

  • A Toxicology Report Revealed Leppert Was Not Using Any Substances

    When Leppert experienced a mental breakdown and underwent evaluation at a psychiatric hospital, they discovered she was not under the influence of any substances, including alcohol.

    Doctors also didn't find any sign of a physical ailment. The facility kept her under observation for 72 hours before releasing her back to her mother.

  • She Went To The Beach With A Friend And Was Never Seen Again

    One day after her release from the psychiatric hospital, Leppert went to a beach with her friend Keith Roberts. Her mother, Linda Curtis, noticed Leppert didn't comb her hair before leaving, which was very unusual for her. It was the last time Curtis saw Leppert. 

    Roberts reported he and Leppert got into an argument at the beach when Leppert asked him to drive her to Fort Lauderdale, and he refused. He did give her $300, however. Roberts told authorities the last time he saw Leppert was when he dropped her off at an Exxon gas station in Cocoa Beach, FL, off State Road A1A. Police cleared Roberts of any wrongdoing.

  • Leppert Made Two Phone Calls Before She Disappeared

    After Keith Roberts dropped her off at the Exxon gas station off State Road A1A, Leppert made three calls to her aunt Ginger's nearby costume shop. She also called a friend named Ron Abeles, who owned a video shop two miles up the road.

    Neither Ginger nor Abeles picked up.